Ask the Devs – 5.3 PTR Edition: PvP Changes

ask the devs 5.3

Nakatoir at the Official WoW Blog: With the development of patch 5.3 in full swing, we’ve collected a series of PvP-focused questions from the community; the development team has the answers in this new edition of Ask the Devs.

PvP Item level Cap

Question – (Johnmatríx, Sylvanas), (Pershing, Steamwheedle Cartel):

How are we planning to have the ilvl cap work in patch 5.3? Rumor has it that the cap will slowly increase over the course of a season. If this is the case, where is the big enjoyment we get out of new gear, especially weapons?

Answer – (Systems Design Team):

For patch 5.3, PvP items will just be capped outright. The current plan for 5.4 is to have the cap gradually increase over time so that players won’t acquire new gear that doesn’t benefit them (because it would just be lowered to the cap). We’re also talking about different ways in which to calculate the cap. . . . read full article

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