Jademcian: Hunter Guide to Heroic Council of Elders

heroic council of elders

Jademcian at Jade’s Forest: This one is definitely a survival fight. The health of all the bosses much reach zero, so as much as you can push on them via Improved Serpent Sting the better. However, it is the order of events that makes this fight what it is. That means it is not a blanket AoE fight like Horridon or Tortos-killing-bats. Similarly to how a single target must die during certain transitions of Horridon, or that whirl turtle waves must be met, here too you must meet a damage threshold for each Elder you are pushing.

That means if you are just AoEing like mad, barraging and multishotting and explosive trapping, you are not being a conscientious raider.  Yes, your damage will be higher. But that means you’re making other people pick up your burst slack. If they are perfectly compensating this for you, then by all means. However, if your raid is constantly hitting full power or not pushing targets at the right time, or heaven forbid not killing Loa spirits, it’s time to put barrage down and pick up the glaives. You must target switch and you must do your job, first and foremost, before trying to have the highest damage possible. . . . read full article

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