Jademcian: Hunter Guide to Heroic Iron Qon

heroic iron qon

Jademcian at Jade’s Forest: Iron Qon. This was the big one to me because it was the one I was being made fun of the most for still sticking with Marksmanship. My hunter honour was put on the line. To others, it is without any shadow of a doubt the correct method to pull Beast Mastery. Popular opinion, however, should never dictate action. Beast Mastery, for me, is barely a 200 DPS difference in simulation. Indeed, that is a difference: but one I can negate by playing Marksman better and taking advantage of its perks. Iron Qon is another fantastic example of the equality of hunter specs, and also of the dangers of damage padding.

In the first fire phase, there’s not much to do as ranged. You spread out and DPS the dog. Every once in a while you might have to break someone out of a cloud, which you should definitely be prepared for. As a  result you will be spread out as ranged to avoid arcing lightning damage. There will also be a tornado being blown around, but it’s incredibly difficult to miss and likely won’t be aimed at you anyway. For the most part, though, this lets you focus entirely on doing your opening precisely. This is the benefit Marksmen and Beast Masters always hope for at the start of an encounter. Always push damage onto Qon when he hops off a dog: I’m not entirely convinced DoTs stay on him, but it’s cheap for a survival to do and he otherwise retains the damage dealt to him when he’s on foot.

The second phase provides slightly more differentiation. You can, and should, strafe away from where you were standing when an Frost Spike goes out. There is an animation below your character if it’s on you or not. It is also possible to deterrence the ice bolt that goes out, but chances are you’ll miss the timing. There are more effective places for deterrence. Windstorm: The only time it will kill you is if you are hit by a tornado. Never, ever play chicken with a tornado. . . . read full article

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