Jademcian: Hunter Guide to Heroic Primordius

heroic primordius

Jademcian at Jade’s Forest: Primordius is a strange and terrible mix of several hunter options. On one hand, we have the capability of doing the highest damage to the boss over nearly every other class. On the other hand, we are capable of providing decent AoE to blow up adds, especially including barrage being a cone that will hit all targets in front of us. Yet, on a third hand (mutant powers, stay with me here), we’re also still fantastic utility capable of target swapping to where ever we’re needed most with the highest form of DPS mobility.

That said, I feel all three specs on heroic Primordius have valid capacities. To what degree, I’m unsure. In my case I was filling more of a utility role and my performance is full of smoke and mirrors to the true potential of a hunters single target on Primordius. However, my suggestion is that if it’s between Beast Mastery or Survival, go Survival.  Not because you can AoE pad for higher numbers, but because Survival will be the least affected by the random generator that Primordius’ oozees provide you with the buffs of and simply because Survival is the most forgiving.

In my case, I was given the sad, dismal bitch job of aiding with Viscous Horrors. But don’t get me wrong: Since I was playing Marksman, this was actually a very intelligent move. Each time a new Horror spawned, a marksman hunter is placed back into Careful Aim. Of all the class choices to help “burst” down the first half of a Viscous Horrors health, a Marksman hunter is one of the best. . . . read full article

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