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Today at WoW Insider, I got a big list of some of the best pre-raid hunter gear in Mists. Let me know if you spot any gear missing from the list (PvE gear that doesn’t require raiding to get) please drop me a comment here so I can get it added to my master spreadsheet, […]

A lot of players are complaining about class balance in┬áMists of Pandaria, and this is mostly due to the increasing awareness of Simulationcraft, which shows the top dps ranking of every spec and shows a huge spread between the guys on top and the guys on bottom. Despite the fact that the Simulationcraft website has […]

Unfathomable Nerfs

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So MMO-Champion has datamined a new beta build and in an unfathomable move Blizzard has actually nerfed MM harder, as well as nerfing SV. Here’s what’s happening: Frenzy proc now boosts attack speed by 4% per stack, down from 8%. We already knew about this one. Aimed Shot now does 260% ranged weapon damage, down […]

The pre-Mists of Pandaria patch 5.0.5 will hit on Tuesday, August 28th, bringing with it many of the Mists of Pandaria hunter class changes. This patch 5.0.4 guide covers the big changes you need to know to optimize your hunter for the month between 5.0.4 and the actual release of the expansion, including new hit […]

Today at WoW Insider I talk about hunter racials, which ones have changed, and what that means for the best racials for hunter DPS at this stage of the beta — keeping in mind that things are changing pretty rapidly as the beta draws to a close. Of all the different optimization options for the […]

Continuing to work on Mists of Pandaria stuff, and I just added the level 90 MoP combat ratings to the combat ratings page. This is all of the ones that I’ve dug up or have confirmed (except the agil to crit, which comes from Zeherah). In the process of testing for the pet conversions I […]

One of the major changes for hunters in Mists of Pandaria is the introduction of expertise as a hunter stat. Starting in MoP hunter shots will be able to be dodged by our enemies, and we will need to collect expertise rating to ensure that our shots are not dodged. We’ll go into some more […]

Beta Hunter Nerfs

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After the last beta patch with a bunch of hunter buffs, it was quickly apparent that hunter dps was too good. So much so that hunters themselves started pointing it out on the forums. Blizzard responded that they were aware of it, You are soon going to see damage go down for several classes and […]

Today at WoW Insider (or yesterday — apparently it got posted early), a rundown of all the MoP rare tames that Petopia has uncovered: The Mists of Pandaria beta has been updated with an awesome treat for pet-loving hunters. Blizzard has introduced new rare hunter pet tames with their own unique taming challenge — only […]

Some really cool pet tames have been discovered in the beta, thanks to a lot of work done by the Petopia crowd. Tabana has a good write up on it over at WoW Hunters Hall. The gist is that there are secret rare elite pets that cannot be seen. Hunters can use their tracking to […]

We have an official release date from Blizzard for Mists of Pandaria: September 25th. This has been posted on the EU site. As far as predictions go, this is about two months later than I thought, but still a couple months ahead of their previous schedules. We can probably predict that we’ll see patch 5.0 […]

A new beta patch has been deployed with some substantial hunter changes — leading the way is the predicted Stampede change. Here’s the full list (note that not all the Wowhead tooltips have been updated yet): Stampede cooldown has been reduced to 5 minutes, down from 10 minutes, has been made instant cast instead of […]

You people have your minds in the gutter. Ghostcrawler has given some indication that Blizzard is experimenting with an alternate Stampede design that doesn’t do as much damage, but stays up longer and has a shorter cooldown — in other words everything players have been asking for, except the doing less damage part. But balance […]

Ghostcrawler hopped on the beta forums and made some comments about hunter pet scaling, clearly defining exactly how our pets are supposed to scale with hunter stats: We knocked out a lot of bugs on pet scaling. You probably have some of these now and will get more updates over time. All pets get: — […]

MMO-Champion has some new hunter beta updates for us, which I’m going to quick try to get out to you guys before bed (because I have another post scheduled for tomorrow that I don’t want to bump). The damage of Barrage has been decreased slightly — we had a blue post explaining that it was […]