Elitist Jerks Archive

The Elitist Jerks hunter forums is one of the premiere locations for hunter theorycrafting and discussion. The Elitist Jerks forums actually cover all classes, with subforums for each class. The hunter forum on Elitist Jerks is very active with many conversations happening at any given time, including input from such hunter luminaries as Zeherah and Whitefyst. As always, the Elitist Jerks forums are not a place for casual conversations or questions — the folks at EJ deal out the infractions pretty easily, and you can get in trouble even for answering a stupid question.

Here at WoW Hunters Hall we provide weekly recaps of the discussions happening on the Elitist Jerks hunter forums, complete with links to the relevant Elitist Jerks threads and posts. So if you want to keep up on the hunter discussions at Elitist Jerks without reading through the 100+ page threads, we’ve got you covered.

Check out the Index of all Elitist Jerks Hunter Recaps. for a one-stop page to get caught up on everything that’s happening at Elitist Jerks with links to just what you’re looking for.

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