MoP Hunter Gear Guide: Armor and Ranged Weapons

MoP Hunter Gear: Armor and Ranged Weapons

This hunter gear guide lists hunter armor and ranged weapons available in the World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria expansion. It will be updated as new items  are discovered. The list includes quest rewards, reputation rewards, crafted items, and dungeon and raid drops. Sources for obtaining the gear are noted where known. Gearing guides are also listed.

This information was pulled from the databases; if you find any errors or omissions please leave a comment. Items are listed in order of ilvl and then alphabetically.

Item Level Requirements

  • Scenarios: ilvl 420-425
  • Heroic Dungeons: ilvl of 435
  • LFR Guardians of Mogu’shan and The Vault of Mysteries: ilvl 463
  • LFR The Dread Approach, Nightmare of Shek’zeer, and Terrace of Endless Spring: ilvl 470

This article is part of the WoW Hunters Hall collection of MoP Guides that includes guides to all of the new hunter abilities, gear, glyphs, gems, enchants, and pets.


Challenge Mode Transmog Set

Patch 5.3 Hunter Gear

Patch 5.2 Hunter Gear

Ranged Weapons

The Dwarven and Troll racials have been changed in MoP: Dwarves get Crack Shot and Trolls get Dead Eye. These racial perks are no longer dependent on weapon type; both grant 1% expertise no matter which weapon type is equipped.

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Tier 14 Hunter Set

Hunter Armor Sets

PvE Sets

  • The hunter Tier 14 PvE set is called Yaungol Slayer Battlegear
    • Set Bonuses
      • T14 2P Bonus Your Kill Command deals 15% additional damage, your Chimera Shot deals 15% additional damage, and your Explosive Shot deals 5% additional damage.
      • T14 4P Bonus Increases the duration of your Bestial Wrath ability by 6 sec, increases the chance for Black Arrow to trigger Lock and Load by 20%, and increases the ranged attack speed granted by Steady Focus by an additional 10%.
    • Model Previews

PvP Sets

Season 12 Hunter Set

Valor/Justice Point/Reputation Sets

See Valor and Justice Point Gear for Hunters in MoP for a list of gear limited to pieces that can be purchased with Justice and Valor Points.

Hunter Armor Pieces

Mail agility PvE armor items of rare (blue) or better quality and with an ilevel of 410 or greater are included. (The PvP gear can be found here.)















Challenge Mode Transmogrification Set

The Hunter Challenge Mode Transmog Set is an epic cosmetic transmogrification set obtained by successfully completing dungeons in Challenge mode to complete the achievement Challenge Conquerer: Gold. The set is looted from the Golden Chest of the Howling Beast. It set has special effect procs that can be seen here: Hunter Challenge Mode Gear Special Effects.

Challenge Mode Set Pieces

Gearing Guides

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