Hunter PvP Guides

Goblin vs. Worgen by Antony Tone (Vego)

WoW Hunter PvP Guides

Tabana and Zumio: This hunter PvP guide compilation links to a variety of information sources that can help you get started if you’re new to hunter PvP and help you to refine your skills if you’re already experienced in PvP and want to play at a higher proficiency level. Although it is currently focused on hunter PvP in Cataclysm, we do have a small section started for hunter PvP in Mists of Pandaria that will be updated as new material becomes available.

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Skeleton Archer by Anton Kolyukh


Beginner’s Hunter PvP Guides

General Hunter PvP Guides

Beast Mastery PvP Guides

Traxex by Kunkka

Guides to Trapping, Peeling, and other Essential Hunter PvP Skills

These articles and videos go in depth on specific hunter PvP skills. They describe crowd control techniques, demonstrate how to help your healer by peeling, and list which buffs should be dispelled. Many useful tips and tricks are revealed.

Macros and Keybindings

Macros and keybindings are essential for success at hunter PvP. These videos discuss macros used by top hunters. All of the macros are also typed out in text form so that you can use copy and paste to add those you like in-game.



The choice of which addons to use is somewhat of a personal preference. Listed below are the addons that Zumio uses:

  • Battleground Targets shows a small frame containing tiny unit frames that include key information such as class and spec of the enemy team. It’s very useful for rated batllegrounds as it also provides targeting functions.
  • Bartender 4 has a component that makes keybinding abilities easier and also offers full action bar customization.
  • Deadly Boss Mods  (DBM) shows all flag/base timers in battlegrounds and Shadow Sight timers in arena.
  • Gladius gives the arena frames of the WoW interface better looks and functionality. It shows trinket and defensive cooldowns, tracks and displays diminishing returns, and allows for arena frame click customization.
  • Juked is for tracking interrupts, useful when you play versus feral druids who can interrupt Scare Beast, as well as allowing you to track enemy interrupts to inform you when you need to peel for your healer.
  • Power Auras Classic allows you to create visual cues that display under certain circumstances; for example, you can make one to show you when a ret pops wings or a shaman pops Elemental Mastery so that you can dispel quickly.
  • SimpleUnitFrames is an extension to the default WoW Unit Frames. Rather than a complete unitframe replacement, this addon adds further information and features to the existing frames and allows a greater degree of customization to enhance their usability. For example, SUF allows you to see the percentage of hp on player frames to know when Kill Shot is available.
  • TranqShotMonitor displays on your screen what buffs you have dispelled when you use Tranquilizing Shot.

The Megaboomer by Markus Erdt

Dueling Guides

Hunter dueling guides are useful not only for learning skills to win duels but also for learning more about other class’s abilities and how to counter them when you face them in battlegrounds and arenas.

Arena Videos

These arena videos include commentary that can help you understand what the hunters are doing and why.


Video Montages

Tournament Videos

These tournament videos show the best WoW PvP hunters in the world in action.

Hunter PvP in Mists of Pandaria

Analysis and discussion of the Mists of Pandaria hunter talents, glyphs, etc. from a PvP perspective. Also included are links to the new PvP gear and MoP Beta PvP videos. These articles and videos are listed by date, with newest material listed first. Note that some older material may now be outdated, and everything is subject to change while we’re still in the beta phase of MoP.

Artwork is from the Battlenet FanArt Gallery.

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