Apply to Contribute Here

WoW Hunters Hall relies on volunteers from the hunter community to maintain updates, and anyone can apply to fill any position. There are three kinds of areas in which WoW Hunters Hall needs help:

  • Authors: if you are interested in writing hunter articles, you can get started at WoW Hunters Hall writing about pets, raiding, pvp, soloing, funny hunter stories about trade chat, or anything you’d like.
  • Curators: the heart of WoW Hunters Hall, curators are the people to take responsibility for one (or a few) small corners of the hunter community and ensure that WoW Hunters Hall always reports the latest updates from that corner. An easy way to help give back to the hunter community in just 10 minutes a day.
  • Admins: admins take on a greater responsibility (and more time) on WoW Hunter Hall and are responsible for reviewing and approving new authors and contributors, and are the people who review posts and publish them live. Admins are also responsible for curating sections that have no current curator, or whose curator is off on vacation, etc.

Of course if you have another idea of how to help improve the WoW Hunters Hall contribution to the community, we’d love to hear it!

If you’re interested in helping out, please apply at the internal WHH Forums. There you will find more detailed descriptions of the various duties at WoW Hunters Hall, as well as content and position guidelines that will give you a better idea of what all is involved.

Thank you for your interest! It’s because of this spirit of giving back that the hunter community is the greatest class community in the World of Warcraft.