Orcish Army Knife: The Undocumented Golden Lotus Jackpot

Rades at Orcish Army Knife: (The herb, not the faction. Screw those guys.)

There’s been some grumbling recently about one of the unexpected surprise 5.1 changes – that you only receive 2 Golden Lotus in exchange for a Spirit of Harmony now, instead of 3.

Now, I get where people are coming from. It would have been nice to know that this was coming, instead of being blindsided. Golden Lotuses are always in high demand, especially for raiders, since each raid flask requires a Lotus. People don’t like feeling like they got screwed.

However, I’m quite unconcerned with this change. Yes, it’s no longer as worthwhile to trade your Spirits in for Lotuses. But what people may not realize is that we don’t HAVE to buy them with Spirits anymore!

Why? Because why waste your Spirits on Lotuses when you can do this instead: . . . Read full article

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