Petopia Forum Highlights 5/31/13

Every other Friday, Kalliope features the highlights of the Petopia forum discussions from those two weeks, ranging from new pet discoveries to theorycrafting to stunning transmog sets, also providing links to the full threads.

Pet naming issues (5/23/13)

Hunters have been having trouble renaming their newly tamed pets since the patch. As first noted by Kalliope, dismissing and resummon your pet should enable your pet to be named. If not, simply try again until it works.

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Portent’s Pathing (5/25/13)

Junrei noticed that Portent’s path changed again when patch 5.3 went live. He now passes by the quarry rather than cutting through it.

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Hellhounds in the Northern Barrens not tameable (5/25/13)

Slickrock asked whether the beast-flagged hellhounds added to the Northern Barrens in patch 5.3 were tameable. They are not, but kicked off a debate of whether they should be.

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Skarr taming troubles (5/26/13)

Torachi ran into some glitches while attempting to tame Skarr on Fireplume Peak and posted as a warning to others. The solid floating rocks are bugged, dropping players to their deaths. Please note that once the hunter is on Fireplume, it is possible to tame Skarr (or Karkin) without standing on the rocks.

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Featured Transmogrification of the Week (5/31/13)

Petopia featured transmog #29

This week’s featured transmogrification was created by Eternallylostx.

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