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All the Hunter Taming Challenges

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Today over on WoW Insider, I go through all of the hunter taming challenges currently available in the game. Of course, the real question was how to define this list. I was originally thinking of including all the rare spawn, then realized that list was far, far too long. Then I was just going to […]

Awesome Uses of Stampede

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A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article on spirit heals, and it had to do with some trickery involving Stampede. This is not the only thing you can do with Stampede. Missing some buffs for a soloing or Brawler’s Guild endeavor?  Stock your stable with pets that bring needed buffs and have them on […]

Sometimes I Love WoW Jerks

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I write to you today with feelings of warmth and appreciation for the elitist jerks of WoW. I’m not necessarily talking about the site, but about the people for whom the site was named: the people who endlessly debate the smallest minutia of optimization and then rail against anyone who disagrees with them, no matter […]

Durendil Hunter Solo of Ragnaros

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Extreme soloer Durendil recently bagged the hunter world first solo of Ragnaros in a brutal survivability battle against an incredibly challenging boss. Watching his video of cycling through pet after pet and using every trick in the hunter arsenal unexpectedly triggered a chain of reminiscing. It brings me back to my first extreme soloing days […]

Patch 5.2 Porcupine Spirit Beasts

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Note: you can see a full updated list of all 5.2 hunter changes here. Okay, so last weekend I wrote an article for WoW Insider about my 2013 predictions, which included getting new spirit beasts. By the time that article went live on the site, we had found new porcupine spirit beasts on the patch 5.2 […]

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In what shall come to known as a momentous day for all hunters, yours truly made his Hunting Party Podcast Debut.  I save poor Darkbrew from having to carry the whole show (with some occasional intervention from Ali).  Seriously though, it was fun.  Dark and Ali go through some of the newer 5.2 changes, and […]

Hunter Predictions for 2013

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Today at WoW Insider, I examine my predictions from a year ago, and then make some new ones for this year: Another year of hunting is beginning, and that means it’s time to dig into the vaults of December 2011, when Cataclysm was about to wind down, a time of aspect dancing and the horrible […]

Hunter Name Generation

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This is probably coming 2-3 expansions too late, but may still amuse or inform some of you. So you’re rolling a new toon (I assume it’s a hunter…what else would you want to play?).  You’ve been playing since BC, so you know the pitfalls to avoid.  Nothing derivative of “Legolas” or “Artemis” (I may be […]

Blade Lord Ta’yak Trick

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I mentioned this on the podcast last Saturday, but it bears repeating. On Blade Lord Ta’yak, in the final phase, you’re playing “Frogger” with a series of tornadoes that come at you in three columns.  This happens twice, at 20% then again at 10%.  You can avoid the 2nd iteration of this dodging altogether.  At […]

So I recently dug around to try to find where hunters were with extreme soloing these days.  What encounters are possible, what fights have been done, etc. In doing so, I stumbled across a hunter named CaribaLd, who seems to be at or near the cutting edge of current hunter soloing.  He also documents his […]