Mania: PTR 5.2: Dire Horns

Mania at Mania’s Arcania: As I type, Patch 5.2 – The Thunder King – is up on the Public Test Realms. The initial patch notes talk about some interesting stuff, but for pet hunters there is really only one note worth reading:

Dire Horns have been added as a tamable species for Hunters that have learned the required skill. Aspiring Dire Horn owners should seek out clues regarding these auspicious beasts.

Now the note leaves some questions open. Learned the required skill implies an Exotic family, or possibly a special new ‘tame dire horns’ skill. And seeking out clues? Sounds like a quest to me. But whatever the details, there is one underlying fact to remember:

New hunter pet family!

Refective Armor Plating

The intrepid hunters at the WoW Petopia forums have some beautiful visuals on that. The detail above is from this screenshot of Melissandra and her brand new dire horn, complete with new pet ability Reflective Armor Plating. . . . read full article

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