Durendil: Ragnaros Hunter Soloing Guide (Firelands)

Durendil: This fight is a unforgiving battle for survival, and only survival. So gear counts less than on other bosses: you will need health, lots of it, and it scales much slower than dps. Then, of course, the more dps you have the better, since the most difficult part of the fight is killing him before you run out of pets.

Short version of the kill video:

See the full-length movie at WarCraftMovies.


For pets, you will need 5 beetles/turtles, tank specced. Make sure they are in defensive. You will also want to buff yourself with stamina – I personally used a stamina flask, scroll, food and a stamina trinket. I was so focused on survival I didn’t really care about dps – usually delayed kill command, stacked focus or avoided cobra shot – to make sure I would use deterrence/mend pet/rez/fd precisely at the right time. So even 50K dps is enough.

I personally had 491 ilvl on this fight, but it should be possible with less.

For talent you will want Crouching tiger/hidden chimera , so you can rez your pet once every minute , binding arrow for transition phases and your usual talents. I used glyphs of animal bond and misdirection to maximize survivability and make sure my pet got aggro even when fd was on cooldown.

Basic principles

This fight is about pets. You have 5 pets. Ragnaros melees for 60-75K on pet and puts a stacking dot debuff. It goes without saying that your pet won’t last very long. So, there are 3 things to know about pet management here. . . . read the full guide at Elitist Jerks

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