ALT:ernative: Hunting High and Low


The Godmother at ALT:ernative: Once upon a time, I applied for the job of Hunter Columnist at WoW Insider. When I didn’t get it I found myself thinking I was quite relieved, because on reflection I’d have been exactly the wrong person for the job. I don’t think about my Hunter the same way a lot of people do. Certainly I don’t have the sharp end raiding mentality that I suspect I’d have needed to be impartial about the way hunters have changed since that time. What I’d always hoped, however, is that whenever key issues were discussed by people who mattered, they’d grasp the key fact that there are many, many ways to play a Hunter. More importantly, many different people play them.

For a long time I allowed myself to get unreasonably obsessed about my dps, mostly because I couldn’t play the game with my friends the way I wanted. I made some fundamental changes as a result and I’m having more fun with my Hunter than I’ve had at any time in the last eight years, and I haven’t touched a serious raid environment since January. Those changes in my playstyle made me realise that, yes, dps is an issue. It does make the difference between success and failure in many situations. However, when your primary weapon hasn’t been upgraded since three weeks into the Expansion, and despite multiple attempts to do so you’re still packing less dps than most of your fellow raiding Hunters, you are forced to compromise.

My discussion above with Frost (which came off the back of a discussion with Ghostcrawler about how hunters need less things to press to make them better) has filled me with a measure of surprise, because for the first time since I started reading his comments (both on WoW Insider and on his own website) I know I disagree with him. Reward should NEVER be measured with a number. I get his point, really I do, but I don’t see that making things ‘easier’ with less buttons and forcing people to play a ‘set’ way will ever end in anything but failure. . . . read full article

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