Jademcian: Hunter Guide to Heroic Ji-Kun

Heroic Ji kun

Jademcian at Jade’s Forest: The heroic mode of this is very similar to the normal modes with the exception that during some nests a large, single target guardian comes into play. The nests that these affect have to kill the guardian in addition to the rest of the eggs. For us, this meant having a designated group for each nest, ensuring the same people went to the same nest each time around. I was on one of these Guardian nests, so you will see both the upper and lower platforms in their heroic edition if you watch the video.

This is the main thing I have to stress about this fight, and it’s the one thing people still don’t believe me on. You have three wing flight charges, and for each charge, you want to combine this both with a flight to the platform and with picking up a nutriment. It is possible for every single nest – it just takes more careful planning on others. In the worst case scenario, err on the side of caution. This fight is not so difficult that killing yourself in order to get a nutriment is better than or equal to no nutriment at all. However, if you can do it – why would you not?

To avoid Caw, begin strafing when her cast gets to 0.0. Don’t walk into other people, though, as they may be the target of Caw themselves.

Do not play Beast Mastery here. every time you are in the air your pet despawns. . . . read full article

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