Braindeadly: Basic Hunter Tips for MoP (PvP)

Braindeadly at Ratslayers: BM is the one and only viable spec (it’s also pretty damn OP when popping CDs).

Many comps are viable to a high level from what I’ve tested: KFC (with any healer; Druid is superior due to the CC and HoTs then Paladin/Resto Shaman). Then we have other comps such as triple BM Hunter. I’ve yet to test anything else but from what I know and have seen, the following classes are Top Tier: Warrior, BM Hunter, Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, Holy Paladin, Death Knight. Mages are close behind but not god-like as they are countered a lot by BM Hunters.

Pet: Spirit Beast (Heal + HoT on a 28 second cooldown). Second best pet is the Crane (4 second Sleep, instant cast – doesn’t DR trap) The Crane is superior to Monkey therefore rendering Monkeys obsolete. . . . Read full article

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