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Haste plateaus were a big hunter topic back in Cataclysm, and as a result I’ve gotten several questions about where they are in Mists of Pandaria. Put very simply, for all practical purposes there are no hunter haste plateaus in Mists of Pandaria. With all the new buttons added to the hunter dps toolbox in […]

After the datamining discovery that hunters would be able to cast Cobra Shot and Steady Shot while moving as a base ability, and Aspect of the Fox is being removed entirely, I was dubious that all was as peachy as it sounded. Given Blizzard’s past statements about ranged DPS while moving, I suspected we weren’t […]

Sweet Stable Wallpaper

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Here’s something super cool that I’ve never thought of before. A reader was making a desktop wallpaper of his hunter with the entire stable of pets surrounding him. This is pretty cool, and I know this not because he sent me a copy, but because while he was at it he made one of Frostheim […]

Today on WoW Insider I go over some of the easy mistakes to make in Mists 5-mans: Mists of Pandaria has brought a lot of awesome stuff to hunters: minimum range finally dead and buried, the awesomeness that is Stampede, improved self-heals, better burst for all specs, and very clever new rare pet tracking challenges. […]

The latest news from the PTR for patch 5.1 is that Steady Shot, Cobra Shot, and Barrage will be able to be cast while moving. This is a huge change, and one that is much desired for hunter PvP. There’s no indication yet on what’s happening with Aspect of the Fox, but we have to […]

Back in the day, we hunters had a total of 3 stable slots for our pets. That got updated nicely in Wrath to 5 slots and then Cataclysm catapulted us to a whopping 25 slots. Nevertheless, a large number of hunters don’t feel they have enough slots for their pets and are disappointed that Mists […]

I’m not a fan of questing in WoW. At all. I’m not into lore, or the storylines, and I despise leveling. However, I can’t help but be tangentially aware of how questing has vastly improved over the course of WoW.  After leveling once again in Mists of Pandaria I noticed an incredibly awesome trend: Blizzard […]

When we talk about Extreme Hunter Soloing, we aren’t talking about just soloing instances on normal mode,  or a raid boss from a few expansions back. Extreme soloing encompasses such a large range of mechanics and gameplay that are often unexplored frontiers for the soloing world – largely the encounters extreme soloists work on are undefeated or have […]

The headline is not entirely sarcastic.  At least one smart person would hire the hell out of, say, Zeherah before a Harvard MBA (unless Zeherah has a Harvard degree, in which case, hey, double win!).  Or even Frostheim…ya know, provided they didn’t have a company policy against unsightly wrist hair.  Or any high-level WoW player. […]

The event started off like many, at the Gurubashi Arena.  We brought between 100-150 hunters to lay claim to the chest that drops periodically in the center of the arena.  The few poor non-WHU souls that were hoping to have a shot at the chest never had a chance. Longtime WHU member Mullingrew (I spell […]