Garalon Hotfixed: Pets Now Gain Weak Points Buff

Crithto posted on the official WoW forums regarding several hotfixes to the Garalon encounter in the Heart of Fear raid instance that are being applied today. Most significant for hunters specifically is that pets will now gain theĀ Weak Points buff.

We have a few updates regarding the hotfixes, and a couple new changes based upon some of the feedback we’ve received:

  • In Raid Finder, the 30-second cooldown added to Garalon’s Crush ability didn’t properly apply through our most recent hotfix. We’ve isolated the issue and will apply a new hotfix to address this tomorrow during restarts.
  • Also included in the next hotfix, the Raid Finder version of Pungency (with relation to Garalon’s Pheromones ability) will only stack 20 times, and Fury will only stack 5 times.
  • Once the realms are back up tomorrow, classes with pets can rejoice! All class pets will now gain the Weak Points buff in all versions of the encounter (Raid Finder, Normal, and Heroic).
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