Quel’s Hunting Corner: Where the hell is Quel?

Quelys at Quel’s Hunting Corner: Well, I am still here… just flat out with everything! RL has me swamped atm, and when I do have a bit of free time for WoW-related goodness, I tend to spend it playing rather than writing.

My team is currently 5/6 heroic MSV, with everything else being knocked out on normal. This week we hope to finish off heroic Will (and get a certain sexy hunter a sexy heroic bow!) and start work on heroic HoF. I am liking a lot of the fights at the moment, yet I am constantly bombarded by QQ about hunters performance. I really want to dive further into this topic, but for now I will just say that Paragons 10m team had a hunter on every heroic kill of MSV, minus Will – to me that alone shows they aren’t too shabby… Yet we all know the ‘current state of dps’ posts/cries/anguish that have been floating around, and I agree we need some tweaks, but as I said, I will leave that discussion for another day. . . . Read full article

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