Euphyley: Silverpine Forest Rare Spawns – Including Tamable 5.1 Rares

Euphyley at WoW Rare Spawns: When patch 5.1 hit, Silverpine Forest saw the addition of five new tamable rare beasts. There are now fifteen rares total in this zone and seven of them can be tamed by hunters. Low level undead hunters, this means you have a lot of choices now for interesting rare pets when leveling through here!

Tamable Rares:

Finn’s Gambit, the armored black boar, is the lowest level tamable boar with this look. The next boars with the same skin that you can findĀ are in Razorfen Kraul. Finn’s Gambit stands on the hillside west of the murloc village eyeing some mushrooms when hes up.

The Lost Gilnean Wardog (pictured) is the lowest level tamable rare with this look for non-worgen characters before finding the level 40 Blighthounds in Eastern Plaguelands. . . . read full article

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