Ghostcrawler: Patch 5.2 Hunter Buffs

Ghostcrawler at the official WoW Forums: Round Three. Fight!

– This thread is primarily aimed at theorycrafting, especially DPS tuning.
– This is not a good thread for brainstorming, pitching talent ideas, or general gameplay feedback. You are welcome to make these in other threads, but be aware we’re pretty close to shipping patch 5.2.
– This is not a good thread for whining. Whining posts will be deleted and developers will be grumpier for your having wasted their time.


Tuning Adjustments

– These are in addition to any previous changes, unless specifically noted.
– You can’t just apply these to 5.1 numbers. You need to keep the entire suite of changes in mind. I say this because we always get a few players who only see -20% on some ability and get all “Don’t nerf me, bro.”
– That said, feedback on these changes is always welcome. Numbers are more persuasive than feelings. PTR logs are better than simulations, since the latter are very dependent on the talent and time of the person doing the simming.


  • Aimed Shot damage +10%.
  • Chimera Shot damage +50%.
  • Steady Shot damage +20%.
  • Black Arrow and Explosive Shot damage +15%.
  • Hearing lots of concerns about Power Shot in PvP, so we may need a PvP-specific tweak there.


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