Hunter DPS: The Rise of MM & SV and the Decline of BM

Kheldul at Hunter DPS Dungeoneer: Very very interesting PTR hunter buffs close to release.  Marksman is getting a ton of love.  Overall, I’m pretty excited to see these changes.  It’s been a while since I played MM.  It may be what it needs to get back in the playlist:

– Aimed Shot damage +10%.
– Chimera Shot damage +50%.
– Steady Shot damage +20%.

I am a little concerned.  The issue I have is that these numbers look extremely round.  That means lots of changes ahead — probably as hotfix nerfs since they wouldn’t hotfix buff other specs/classes.  Steady Shot is just a straight-up win.  Chimera as well.  But Aimed Shot is still a bit of a puzzler; . . . read full article

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