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Update: All Done! Thank you guys so much for the screenshots! I’m working now on choosing screenshots and putting the video together. I got way, waaay more screenshots that I imagined (hundreds) and so many of them are absolutely amazing looking. I’ll be choosing them based on awesomeness and pet selection (want to show a […]

Growl Taunt After 5.1

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Several people have reported noticing issues with pet Growl not working, both in emails and in the comments. I did some controlled testing of Growl last night, and was unable to replicate any problem — it worked perfectly for me every time. But enough people are talking about it that I suspect something’s up. Is […]

Sneaking in just under the wire with the patch 5.1 changes… Aspect of the Hawk (and Ironhawk) has been buffed to now boost hunter attack power by 15%, up from 10%. This is not something that was on the PTR and is instead a quick little hotfix that Blizzard slipped in under the wire. This […]

Patch 5.1 Hunter Changes

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Patch 5.1 is here, and brings with it some big game changers, but fairly minor hunter changes. Starting with the significant changes for hunters: Aspect of the Hawk buffed to provide 15% AP, up from 10%! No more Aspect of the Fox Steady Shot & Cobra Shot can be cast on the run by default! […]

James’ guest post started a great conversation about hunter dps balancing, and I thought it was worth continuing the conversation with some clarification about how dps is balanced across classes. A very common thread of discussion was hunters stating that they would not want increased multi-dotting capabilities at the cost of our single target dps. […]

This is a guest post by James, a hunter with a very interesting examination of hunter damage, which is particularly timely after last week’s podcast. Frostheim’s recent DPS analysis over at WoW Insider prompted me to sit down and have a think about how hunter DPS is doing in the “real WOW world” (or at […]

Help Autism with Video Games

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In a very rare moment of spirit that extends beyond our class, I am going to suggest take a moment to support druids. Not feral druids, of course. Actually, we’re talking about supporting research into helping adolescents with autism via video games. Lissanna, well-known druid of, happens to also be a researcher in the […]

I’ve been slowly grinding my way through the daily crunch to get rep with all the new factions. I’ve completed a few factions, but am still working on most of them. All judgements about the dailies aside, there is one thing that is bugging me more than any other at the moment: if you need […]

State of DPS in Mists of Pandaria

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I’ve got the first DPS analysis post of Mists of Pandaria up over at WoW Insider. In the big picture of raid logs hunter dps is looking a little low, but not disastrously low. Enough to need some kind of buff — and I’m a little dubious if the cobra/steady on the move is enough. […]

Your Finest Moment

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I’m pretty sure that, the other day, I had one of my finest moments ever in WoW. I don’t have a video of what I’m about to describe, and I doubt I could repeat it (it would ruin the spontaneity of it anyway, which was half the impressiveness), so I’ll have to trust that I’ve […]