From the Forums: HUNTERS need WOLVES

Subrosian recently started a thread in the official Damage Dealing forum regarding some changes she’d like to see implemented for hunters.

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Subrosian: Hunters need a bow that fires wolves. It would literally CREATE WOLVES and FIRE THEM AS PROJECTILES. It should perhaps also be MADE OF FIRE. If this also caused the wolves to be on fire (I am not a programmer – would this happen? Is this how computers work?) that would be technically AWESOME. Thanks in advance for this important change. Also, MM Hunters are still garbage… but I’m thinking I’ll get my wolf bow before I get a functional MM spec… so… give me wolves.

Jibbajabba (Mage): I approve of this post – I’d be happy to be hit by flaming wolves. Carry on.

Subrosian: Before a bunch of PVPers start whining that FLAMING WOLVES would break the game, remember that your PVP gear will significantly reduce the temperature of the incoming wolves. PVP players will describe the wolves as more “lukewarm”. THIS IS ACCEPTABLE.

Dreagan (Death Knight): So you would be a wolf… that fires flaming wolves? I would be cool with this. Also can we add a way for those with large 2h weapons to tie gnomes to said weapon?  Imagine the extra damage I would do with a  gnome warlock strapped to my sword.

Kallik : Would much prefer firing arrows with badgers tied to them.

Sarm: Glyph of the Kitchen Sink – Your Glaive Throw animation is replaced by a random melee weapon from your inventory.

Krinu: I approve of this. Especially the kitchen sink glyph.

Prunefgt: omg. plis.

Neilaren: I approve of the wolves. Yes, good. But I do really like that Glyph of the Kitchen Sink idea presented in here too. I *really* like that. Or similarly, our Deterrence animation? But not to get too off topic. Deterrence spawning a pack of wolves that are on fire circling me in protection would also work.

Notho: Oh could the fire be green?  all the warlocks would kill themselves with envy.

Kolzi: I think it’s fair to say that this would fix all hunter issues in pve. Get on it blizzard!

Toconoco (Shaman): SHAMAN needs BANANAS. We need Banana glyph , turning our skills into lighting bananas. fire bananas, water bananas and BANANA GOLEM!

Spinnerdh: Can it also shoot wolves at the player, like at their house, like wolves jump out of the screen and maul their faces?

Catarisper: I am down for a wolf arrow launcher thingy!

Braddy: /signed. Hunter’s definitely need more animals to attack people with. Can each flaming wolf have a chance to proc a flaming wolf pack?

Elemeno (Warlock): This would be unfair to the warlock community that just took a massive blow to the groin with the nerfbat. [thankfully nerf is a soft material] If hunters get a flaming wolf launching bow I would reroll. Also, Warlocks need a wand that shoots Succubi [Succubus’s?] I mean seriously who wouldn’t want to be hit by that?

Lhivera: And these wolves, when they open their mouths, would they shoot bees?

Subrosian: No. If they opened their mouths you would see their 42 teeth, 40 of which are used to secure and destroy their prey in an act of violence worthy of a FLAMING WOLF BOW.
EDIT – Also wolf drool. There’s some of that in there.

Flintte: What are the other two teeth used for?

Sarm: Two tinier hunters would be strapped to them, shooting tiny guns that shot even more flaming wolves.

Elemeno: MIND = BLOWN

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Read the complete ongoing thread in the Damage Dealing Forum.

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