Anne Stickney: Tracking down the ins and outs of hunter roleplay

Anne Stickney at WoW Insider: For the elves of the world, hunters have had a long standing tradition in the race — the skills and prowess of elven rangers and their stories stretch back far into history. This could have something to do with the natural and sometimes magical connection that most elves have with nature and the world that they walk upon. For other races, there really isn’t any kind of storied history as far as organizations and groups are concerned.

But really, that’s almost to be expected with a hunter. Hunters don’t really concern themselves with the same kind of rigid structure seen in most races and societies. They aren’t invested in the idea of belonging to a group. For a hunter, the world and the wild are his group; the animal companions he’s gained over time are his organization. Hunters are not the most social of creatures, often preferring to be out in the open wild over the confines of a city.

It’s that lack of a connection that almost defines a hunter. Hunters are connected with the world and the wild far more than the cities and organizations and government and other niceties of polite society. Because of this, there is a kind of kinship between hunters, one that doesn’t always extend to the other classes out there. . . . Read full article

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