WoW Rare Spawns: How to Kill Alani The Stormborn

Euphyley at WoW Rare Spawns: Like the Time-Lost Proto-Drake, Aeonaxx, Poseidus and even that pesky mysterious camel figurine before her, Alani the Stormborn is Mist of Pandaria’s rare that drops a mount. Unlike her predecessors, the method of killing her and obtaining the mount she drops is far different from anything we’ve seen until now.

Alani has a 100% chance to drop the Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent. She can be found flying high above the Vale of Eternal Blossoms protected by a Nimbus Shroud, which completely protects her from any type of harm.

Rares in previous expansions required us to wait around for hours, days, even weeks on end waiting for them to show up. Many of us would afk with our volume turned up so that if our coveted rare did spawn we’d hear the blazing horn of npcscan and drop whatever we were doing for a chance at downing them. Often times a lucky person questing on an alt would just happen to run into said rare only moments before we could tag them, destroying all hope of obtaining what we had been waiting for for so long.

Well Alani changes the game entirely, making sure that only those that really truly want her are going to get her. . . . Read full article

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