The Grumpy Elf: Being Talkative -The Unspoken Skill

The Grumpy Elf: You could call it communication but it is not that.  Communication is saying I will get the first interrupt, you get the second and bob will get the third and we will rotate.  Everyone knows communication is a key to success in the game and that good communication is a skill.  Being talkative is something people rarely mention.  People that are talkative and personable in the way they talk will always advance faster.

When it comes to skills in game this is the one I am lacking the most.  I do not like to chit chat.  If there is a task at hand, deal with it, talk about it, I do not give a crap if you just saw this funny cat video.  I am there to do a job and that is what we should be doing and talking about.  Call it business like, call it focused, call it bland, it can be called many things, but it most certainly can not be called being talkative.

Even if I am the only one talking and explaining a fight, it is not talkative, that is different.  Talkative is being friendly.  That is not me.  I don’t play the game to make friends and it shows.  As I said, this is the skill I am lacking the most, I just need to learn how to fake it. . . . Read full article

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