Petopia Forum Highlights 12/28/12

Every Friday, Kalliope features the highlights of the Petopia forum discussions that week, ranging from new pet discoveries to theorycrafting to stunning transmog sets, also providing links to the full threads.

Dire Horn Discussion (12/21/12)

Wykea kicked off a thread speculating about what the dire horns, the next set of special hunter tames in Pandaria, will be. The general consensus is that they will be the ceratopsians (the triceratops-looking dinosaurs) that were datamined as mounts, though this won’t be confirmed until patch 5.2 hits the PTR.

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5.2 Spirit Beast Speculation (12/21/12)

Junrei spied a spectral-looking porcupine in the datamined models and started a speculation thread about the 5.2 spirit beasts. Other possible candidates discussed include a thunder beaver (definitely at least a minipet) and a blue gemmed turtle (definitely at least a raid boss).

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Non-Spirit Beast/Non-Dire Horn Discussion (12/21/12)

Junrei started a discussion thread for the other beasts we may find in patch 5.2. It appears that the new devilsaurs are alone on the list so far, but nothing can be confirmed until patch 5.2 actually hits the PTR.

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This might be why they changed Sunwing (5.1 spoiler inside) (12/16/12)

Melissa noted that the armored dragonhawk mount lacks a death animation, which may be why Sunwing’s appearance was changed.

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Gorishi Grubs tameable! (12/19/12)

Qinni spotted a hunter with a green maggot for a pet, prompting Petopians to track them down. They are Gorishi Grubs, spawned by the rare spawn Clutchmother Zavas in Un’Goro Crater. The clutchmother spawns her eggs (and therefore the grubs) indefinitely as long as she’s in combat. After hatching from the eggs, the grubs die after two minutes. Kalliope‘s related video is here.

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Where the Wild Things Are: Ban’thalos (12/18/12)

Kalliope posted the first of her videos featuring the Molten Front rares, this one featuring Ban’thalos.

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Sha-Touched Pets and Other Trick Tames (12/19/12)

First time posters Chrisma and Asajiro simultaneously alerted the Petopia forums to the discovery of tamed Sha-touched tigers. Asajiro then figured out the method the original taming hunter used to obtain the pet: the pet needs to die at the moment the tame completes while the taming hunter spams revive pet. Shoopdawhoop posted an information post, consolidating all information regarding the Sha-touched pets and other tameable pets with buffs. Kalliope reminded everyone not to tame pets with buffs that effect gameplay, as they can get in trouble with Blizzard; she is holding off on creating a video until she finds out whether Blizzard’s stance on buff pets from two years still stands, as that was before Blizzard attempted to remove the method for taming them.

Full credit to the Chinese players who were taming buff pets over a month ago.

Read full information thread here

Read the original taming discovery thread here

Demon dogs (and Chromaggus!) have a swim animation (12/22/12)

Thedoomcookie noticed that demon dogs and drakonid corehounds now have proper swimming animations.

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Stable Masters added to Pandaren, Worgen, and Goblin starting areas (12/25/12)

Shinryu Masaki spotted Li the Tamer on the Wandering Isle, prompting the discovery of Fenegan Cobbler (Gilneas) and Beastblast Babblesnaff (Kezan/the Lost Isles). Now lowbie hunters in those areas don’t have to choose just one pet.

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Featured Transmogrification of the Week (12/28/12)

This week’s featured transmogrification was created by Teigan.

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